Factors of Bone Cancer Life Expectancy


Thousands of people each year are threatened by bone cancer. Because of this, many are asking about the real score when it comes to a bone cancer life expectancy. Just last year, there are more than a couple of thousand different types of bone cancer detected, based on the study made by the National Cancer Institute in the US, and because of these new types of cancer, almost 1500 people died from it.

In general, there are two types of bone cancer. The first one is the primary, wherein the tumor and the cancer cells occurred and developed originally within the affected bone. The other type is called secondary, because the cancer cells did not originate from the bone itself, but was spread by other part of the body that has cancer as well.

Bone cancer is one of the most life threatening diseases one can ever have. It is an expensive disease as well, as patients will surely undergo multiple treatments and doctor visits regularly, just to have a small chance of obtaining cure.

There are many factors in order to determine the actual bone cancer life expectancy rate. In many cases, doctors look at factors like:

  1. Age of the affected person
  2. The current health condition or the overall health of the person
  3. The stage of the cancer or how severe it is already, by determining how much did the cancer cell spread already at the time it was diagnosed
  4. How many and how severe are the symptoms already
  5. What are the different treatments did the patient already received
  6. The ability of the patient to endure the side effects of the treatments that are recommended for possible cure

These are the different factors that doctors look at, in order to conclude the expectancy of a person to live and survive the cancer.

However, doctors and medical professionals say that chances of prolonged life are higher to those who have a positive outlook always despite of their frustrating condition, and those who are adhering to the recommendations of the doctor to keep the body’s immune system high, and to keep their body healthy.

Treatments like surgery, radiation therapy, chemotherapy, and frequent doctor visits are some of the ways in order to prolong the life of a person who is suffering from bone cancer. This means a lot of effort, time, and money will be needed in order to have hope to survive, which many have succeeded, and many have failed at the same time.

There is no guarantee of cure to people who have bone cancer; even if they use the best and highly renowned medical technology for bone cancer and deal with the most recognized doctor in the world. It will all depend on how your body responded to the immediate treatments, and how much has your cancer have spread already, which is the most looked after factor, which will really determine the bone cancer life expectancy rate.